Kiss House

A multi-award winning design for a better self-build home

AJA have set up a new spin-out company to bring a new state-of-the-art product to the self-build market: a custom-build kit house which will appeal to all those who hanker after contemporary design, who want to help save the planet, and who love space, light and clarity.

The inspiration for the KISS House is the multi-award-winning Sandpath, a design epitomising the Keep It Simple philosophy. The KISS House comes in different sizes, with different fit-out options and very different cladding options. All of them are built to PassivHaus standards. All of them are spacious, light, calm and uncluttered.

KISS the company is run by an excellent project management team with AJA providing the design input. The KISS acronym informs the design, the procurement and the delivery. To see more and order your own, go to the KISS website here. Simple.

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