Adrian James Architects has a strong Environmental Policy

Minimising carbon footprint, and furthermore contributing positively to the planet in all aspects of sustainability, is a core principle in the work of Adrian James Architects. The practice is a signatory to Architects Declare and the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge and a leader in the field of sustainable design, as evidence by our two RIBA Sustainability Awards and the work of our spin-out company Kiss House which is the first company in the UK to offer fully modular custom-build houses which are Passivhaus compliant and carbon positive as standard (www.kisshouse.co.uk ). 

Our clients embrace the wider benefits of sustainable design and the positive effect on running costs, longevity, maintenance, health and Whole Life Value. Our Vishuddha Yoga Centre embodies this approach. And our blog gives examples of how we can achieve our goal of making every building into a habitable, renewable power station.

4 Key Targets of Sustainability

In all design decisions we address the following 4 areas covered by the umbrella of sustainable development:


We have checklists to help address each of the above targets. These are constantly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and as broad in scope as practicable. Where appropriate we subscribe to BREEAM or NEAT or equivalent benchmarks to audit our designs. The lists in brief:


AJA Modus Operandi

Our studio practises what it preaches.

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