Easter site visit to Copper Bottom

This honestly isn’t photoshopped

We walked up to the site over Easter and took this photo. Somehow the house doesn’t quite look real with the cartoon-like quality of the picture. But it is real, and getting more so all the time, even with a month’s delay looking likely. The photo does do a good job of showing how the overhangs create deep shadows to shield us from the sun.

There has been tons of progress inside the house. It isn’t very photogenic as the blue plastic protecting the windows makes it look as though we are going to be living under the sea. But it is all good and important stuff. There are masses and masses of pipes and cables now hidden behind layers of plasterboard and some rooms have been plastered. Tiles are going in the bathrooms and the kitchen is ready at the GC Interiors showroom.

Here is a view of the house from the wild-flower meadow which is just beginning to speckle with early flowers. From a distance Copper Bottom looks to be bedding in well with its increasingly green spring surroundings.

Externally the mini mountain of top soil in the garden has been levelled. And the low walls that edge the main terrace are in place. Hidden behind the short wall on the right are the beginnings of the grandly titled Evening Terrace.

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